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Shocking progress the last month...

OK so I have not posted in a long, long time. During the past month a lot has happened regarding my recovery. 

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Taste/smell and medical issues update

So I have not mentioned on here that as a result of my injury I lost my sense of taste and my sense of smell. Total loss occured for the first 14 months after my injury, but since then these two senses have been returning. I do not have any memory of what things used to smell or taste like, and initially everything smelled and tasted extremely bad but for the past 6 months I think things are returning to their normal smell/taste. Since I have zero memory of what things used to smell/taste like, I am now reteaching myself what to correlate with certain smells or tastes.

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Contracted left quad!

Yesterday I had a great workout at Project Walk. I contracted my left quad for the first time in nearly 2 years which is extremely exciting for me.

This past weekend I flew up to Cleveland to meet with my lawyer and more importantly to go to a friends' wedding. Jeff and Deb's wedding was amazing, they are great together I am so happy they got married and I got to see and talk to a lot of friends who I have not seen or talked to in a long time. 

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Thanks Slusak family!

I would like to thank the Slusak family who recently donated some money to Project Walk Orlando of which it was decided that I would receive 10 hours of therapy. Thanks again!

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Getting a standing frame

Today I contracted a muscle in my right leg, not my hamstring though but close to it. Also the other day noticeable dorsiflexion in my left foot returned where I can see it.

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Working out like a boss

I had another workout yesterday at Project Walk, I focused a lot of decreasing the tightness in my hips as well as strengthening my quads. My right quad I can contract myself, however I can not at all with my left quad, so my trainer hooked up some functional electrical stimulation pads on various areas of my quad and this time I could actually feel the electrical shocks (we tried this a few months ago and I could not feel anything) and some of my quad muscles contracted slightly.

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Right Achilles tendon return

This is mainly for me to keep track of when things are returning, but today I felt my Achilles tendon on my right leg for the first time whenever I manually pull my right foot up. 

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Haven't updated in a while...

So I have not updated my progress in quite some time, I have been sick the past week or so and unfortunately my temperature regulation is all messed up, one minute I will be sweating profusely and the next freezing. I have also been in a tremendous amount of pain lately, mainly in the thighs, I am hoping that indicates more return. 

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Jumped in the pool from my chair!

I just jumped in my pool from my wheelchair and treaded water. I am so excited!



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