Return of my hamstrings

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Yesterday was by far the hardest workout I have had at Project Walk. Check out my videos, I started the session off by pedaling the stationary bike while standing, a few times on each leg. I then did an exercise where I only used my lower back muscles to move myself back and a combination of my back muscles and abs to lift myself back up. I also did some squats, where I used a bar to help lift myself up with my arms (as little as possible) and an exercise ball to strengthen my quads, I also did these squats kneeling to also help improve my hip flexors. I did a few exercises, one of which strengthened my quads, where I had resistance bands attached to my leg and I kicked out my leg, one where I still had resistance bands attached and with my leg straight I moved my entire leg down to the floor and held it, and finally an exercise in which I was able to use my hamstrings for the first time by pulling my lower leg towards my butt. I did an exercise where I used my left and right quad to kick into a ball and tried to control it as much as possible. I ended my session with a few minutes on the Scifit arm bike while standing up. All in all I definitely worked harder and more than any other session and it was a great day!