Recent return

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In the past 2 weeks I have seen an incredible amount of return. As I posted earlier, it began when I was able to first move my left foot and wiggle my toes, then at my most recent Project Walk session I was able to contract my left quad for the first time and in the last week or so a lot of sensory functions have returned to the lower portion of my right leg (below the knee). At my most recent appointment with my neurologist I was able to detect vibration all the way down to my ankle on my right leg! The sensory function in my thighs have also returned, with my left thigh hypersensitive to heat and the itching sensation has slowly started to return, with a constant feeling of itching in my thighs and unfortunately when I scratch them it really hurts. The temperature and itching sensations were the last to return in my thighs and hopefully those will also return in my lower legs.