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Alright so a lot of people are against sharing the medications they have taken, I really do not care. Since my injury I have taken various medication for various purposes and have come to the conclusion that in the scope of a spinal cord inury, most medications (that I have taken) are intended for something else, but have other applications in an SCI. For me, a lot of these medications work at first (the first few weeks) and then for some reason really did nothing after that. Maybe it is just the way my body reacts to different medications, but I am going to go through the medications I have taken, there purpose and side effects.

  • Trazodone, I took it to go to sleep, it is an antidepressant, I really did not notice any side effects. I was taking 2 or 3 times the normal dose, it worked great for the first month or so.
  • Remeron, I also took this to go to sleep and prevent some neuropathic pain at night, it is also an antidepressant, again I really did not notice any side effects and was taking the normal dose. However, because I also had a brain injury, this in combination with Tramadol caused me to have a really serious seizure and did not take it again after. 
  • Tramadol, I took this drug for a long time (until my first seizure, see above), it is a narcotic which treats moderate to sever pain, typically given to someone after they have surgery. I discovered this drug on my own and spoke with my neurologist about going on it and he agreed, I did not notice any side effects but my neurologist told me it does lower one's seizure threshold.
  • Elavil, it is also an antidepressant but used for a variety of conditions, I also discovered this myself and spoke with my neurologist before taking it. I use it to go to sleep and relieve neuropathic pain and still take it. 
  • Oxybutynin, I still take this drug (although lowered my dosage from 15mg to 5mg), it is used for neuropathic/overactive bladder which is what I use it for, the only side effect that I have noticed is it does make you have a dry mouth which I think is a result of decreased saliva production.
  • Keppra, it is an anticonvulsant used to treat epilepsy, iniatilly it caused a little drowsiness but that side effect has subsided. I take this once in the morning and once at night, 500mg and in combination with Dilantin is supposed to prevent me from having any more seizures. 
  • Lyrica, is also an anticonvulsant used to treat neuropathic pain, for me it does relieve some neuropathic pain but I rarely take it, as it causes short term memory loss for me, and my dad and a family friend took it after surgery and they told me it caused them to have a lot more serious side effects. 
  • Ambien, originally used to go to sleep, then realized it was doing wonders with alleviating my nerve pain, I started taking it throughout the day (it was not making my drowsy) and stopped taking it once talking with my primary care physician.
  • Hydrocodone, started taking it when I was still in the hospital, it is an opioid, really just dulled my pain and for some reason made me study for the MCAT. My neurologist told me it interfered with bowel and bladder return and I completely weened myself off of this before finishing up my final semester of college.
  • Neurontin, used to relieve neuropathic pain, the only side effect I noticed was it really messed up my bowel and I stopped taking it once my neurologist informed me that what gabapentin does is inhibit nerve regeneration.

Right now that is all of the medications I take or have taken. A few of these medications I discovered was from perusing and posting on the CareCure forum which is an excellent tool for those with a spinal cord injury. 
Here are some of the other prescription medications I have/still take:

Also here are some of the over the counter medications I discovered after doing some research:

If you have found any other medications that work well with SCI recovery please post in the comments.